Pick the right piano

The current ARIUS models are carefully designed and result from extensive dedicated endeavors and expertise of eminent musical engineers and are well known for impressive digital musical experience. The excellent playing sensation and vitality of sound can barely be distinguished from an acoustic piano and are complemented by numerous modern features that only a digital music instrument can offer – transferred in a timeless classic design.


  • ARIUS offers a wide range of high-quality digital pianos. Whether you are beginning to play or have experience already, there will always be the right Arius instrument for everyone.
  • ARIUS has spent a lot of time carefully optimizing the interplay of electronics and mechanics.
  • ARIUS digital pianos captivate with their exclusive look and feel, as well as their fine finish.

Arius Range

Compact and cost-effective, Arius Digital Piano is the right choice for all your piano needs. The streamlined design delivers the key features most important to any pianist: an authentic keyboard touch, superior sound, and effortless ease of use. Arius digital piano provides authentic acoustic piano touch and tone suitable for any aspiring pianist. 
And unlike other pianos that may be stripped-down versions of existing models, Arius Digital Piano stands alone in its class; designed from the ground up using cutting-edge technologies to exceed all expectations.
ARIUS makes some of the most innovative instruments on the market. Arius has always pushed the boundaries of current technology to create instruments that are respected by pros and novices alike.
No matter if you are a beginner looking to jumpstart your musical career or an experienced musician, you may find it difficult to choose the best digital piano. There are many options out there, and Arius  alone has many great instruments.